Our family based company, Gem Trading, was established in Athens in 1981 and we consider ourselves the leading Pearl (among other..) wholesaling office in Greece. My Father, Anastasios Simos, who is officially retired since 2010, has been in the jewelry business for 30 straight years, trying – not in vain – to pass his expertise in pearls and diamonds, and his genuine passion for the exceptional qualities in gems to the local market. Our motto, so to say, is: “It doesn’t matter how much money you will invest in it, but on what you are going to invest…”.

Pearls and diamonds is a really delicate issue for us. We draw working – and moral – satisfaction when we manage to convince our customers to choose the “Gem” qualities (pearls are characterized as “Gem” when, for the certain category they belong to, they are quality-wise at the top) instead of getting something more pompous, commercial, “on sale”, etc. You could say we do this job because we are “amateur gemstone lovers” rather than the cold-blooded dollar/euro- chasing professionals.

Now, since 2010, the company has been passed on to my brother, Christos Simos and myself. We are delighted to continue the tradition and travel on, over the seven seas, to find all that.. we understand as “Gem”. We are Gem Traders after all!

Pan Simos